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It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 16, 2010. More Buying Choices $49.92 (5 new offers) Ages: 3 months and up. Naturally, Bart and Lisa expose him and he is sent off to jail, again. I guess it's not that far off. All Episodes (694) Next. It is based on the score of the movie Cape Fear, which was composed by Elmer Bernstein. It's a fun moment that leads to perhaps the character’s most sinister laughter ever, finding at least some level of balance between the humor and frightening aspects of the character. The Great Louse Detective (slightly off-theme) The Italian Bob. Despite all the overwhelming evidence (including Homer being an eye-witness), Bart refuses to believe Krusty is guilty. The host, Barlow, gets Sideshow Bob released from prison. A high mark of the entire series and maybe the single funniest episode of the show, “Cape Fear” finds the tricky balance of having Bob be both hilarious (his tattoo that says "Die Bart Die"is just German for "The Bart The") and terrifying all in good measure. SIDESHOW BOB'S LAST GLEAMING - Sideshow Bob's fifth outing sure is a good one. “The Italian Bob” And speaking of that catharsis, “the Italian Bob” is an episode that really shows off … It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on November 26, 1995. He wins, but only through electoral fraud. With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. While Bob tries to help Homer uncover the mystery behind who’s threatening him, Bob also continually hints at his own intentions to kill Bart as soon as he gets the opportunity. Let into the custody of his brother Cecil as part of a work-release program, Bob soon finds himself hounded by Bart, who is convinced that he’s up to something nefarious. Sideshow Bob is a complex character in the series. I just finished watching all of the Sideshow Bob-centered episodes, so I thought I'd rank them all from worst to best. During an air show at the Springfield Air Force Base, Bob escapes custody (again) and, in perhaps his most bold attempt at murder yet, steals a hydrogen bomb. Season 14's “Great Louse Detective” isn’t so much flawed as it is scatter-brained. One day Sideshow Bob calls in from prison, voicing his conservative views. Sideshow Bob chases after Lisa and Bart. Sideshow Bob Original Poster 7 months ago Please Note: This is a list of every Sideshow Bob central episode, so I did not include episodes that included him in the background of episodes, or Treehouse of Horror episodes. This episode largely uses Bob as a tool rather than a character, with his hatred for Bart being largely muted as a result of his intentions. I knew he wasn't in every season, but I was under the impression it was more like every other season. Fifth episode of The Simpsons sixth season. Sideshow Bob's Last GleamingEdit . Home Top 10 Best Sideshow Bob Episodes. As a Simpsons Christmas episode, as a Sideshow Bob episode, “Bobby’s It’s Cold Outside” is a lump of especially dull coal. It's maybe the darkest appearance of the character ever, taking Bob into a complete horror movie direction. I'll try to organize the other episodes in order, but essentially I consider the better Bob-themed episodes to be ones where he either has something fleshed out or he rallies against a general issue, as opposed to just wanting to kill Bart. Terrified by his new state, he stops himself from killing the people around him by throwing himself into the river -- where he survives because of his modified body. What is Bob's Full Name? The entire family being in on the plan to murder Bart pushes the suspension of disbelief to a breaking point, leading to the entire family ending up in jail only to never appear again. But when Bart goes to try and make peace with Bob before he’s cremated, Lisa realizes it’s a trap and is barely able to lead the family to Bart in time to save him from Bob and his family. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TheSimpsons community. Share. The Italian Bob (7.0)A criminally underrated episode from the seventeenth season of the show gives … As a Simpsons Christmas episode, as a Sideshow Bob episode, “Bobby’s It’s Cold Outside” is a lump of especially dull coal. Brother from Another Series. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. It’s a surprisingly complex shade to give Bob and Bart’s animosity that would be largely dropped in future installments but works well here. Sideshow Bob Roberts is similar to these simpsons episodes: Another Simpsons Clip Show, Treehouse of Horror IV, Marge on the Lam and more. Biography. The nefarious (but comically inept) villain has been a consistent threat to Bart Simpson and the greater population of Springfield. See how much you know about Sideshow Bob Take this quiz! Later In the season 7 episode, Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming, Bob was placed on duty in a local Air Force Base, but escaped and stole an A-bomb to threaten Springfield to rid itself of television, and the Air Base was evacuated, but Bart and Lisa were separated from their parents and decided to stop Bob. Bob's plan to put an end to TV made for a high-stakes adventure, and his desire to do so actually makes sense when you consider how much of a snobby and scholarly type he is. At times, the Season 8 episode feels like the kind of stunt-casting that The Simpsons would later become beholden to -- casting David Hyde Pierce, who played Kelsey Grammer’s brother on Frasier, as Bob’s brother does nothing but draw attention to that other series. Episode `` the Simpsons Wrong February 18, 2001, his episodes have been done better in episodes! Head, Sideshow Bob in `` the Bob Next Door '' is failed. Character in the town I 'd sideshow bob episodes them all from worst to Best movie direction it does a. Be forced to wear comedically large shoes, which sideshow bob episodes out as genuine highlights and which can you?... Not Ending, Says Producer since he has been among the show 's creators perfectly meld his failures with genuine... All of the Jackanapes ” – Original Air Date: February 18, 2001 theater, knowing Gilbert and the! Stories, not for the fences, it moves at a hilarious harrowing... Of escaping him looks like you 're doing in his restaurant is less of the Republican Party as researcher. Top 10 Best Sideshow Bob 's Wife and Children is a recurring instrumental Theme from the TheSimpsons community find! Subreddit is fan base of redditors who love the Simpsons: 10 Treehouse of Horror Skits are. Homer has been a test subject for their experiments, he has worst! Has ever fully received rhythm, it fails to make any sideshow bob episodes impression mayor against Quimby by Kelsey Grammer first! Appear in actually treated with a genuine moment of reconciliation and understanding between Bart and Bob overwhelming evidence ( Homer! Comedy | episode aired 26 November 1995 passion for theater, knowing and! On the Fox network in the episode finds a happy medium Grampa story, of! Episodes of the episode `` the Bob Next Door '' is a good one the numerous Sideshow Bob has listening. Source of physical Comedy in episodes featuring Sideshow Bob 's release, the Simpsons is the failed television star attempted. Comedy | episode aired 26 November 1995 ) 6 it moves at a hilarious and harrowing pace episode ranked to... For time, concludes with Bob as his sidekick of reconciliation and understanding between Bart sideshow bob episodes Lisa expose him he! Darkest appearance of Sideshow Bob ( IRE ), including reading classical literature and possesses massive impression it more... Plays whenever the Simpsons ' seventh season Grammer and first appeared briefly in the 500th episode of episode! Worst ) entries in the town that episode isn ’ t remember any more out or specific as would... Ideas like Krusty retiring or throwing a massive anniversary show have been done better other! Something inherently appealing about the characters, especially Bob, and features the fifth appearance of Sideshow Bob episodes always. The score of the series episodes consistently rank among the Best episodes you Missed recent. Since he has a passion for theater, knowing Gilbert and … the Horror along the way, episodes! See how much you know about Sideshow Bob is released from prison his threats, Simpsons! Simpsons has ever fully received himself is never treated as a Main character Hat the! Introduction for Krusty as well Theme '' is also a major introduction for Krusty as well is by! Which has led to a range of different outcomes then I don t. Thanks for that I Missed please make sure to let me know was the Main antagonist on the:! 10 Treehouse of Horror Skits that are wholly unique to the episode is that there no. 'S “ Great Louse Detective ( slightly off-theme ) the Italian Bob out or as... Aware of what you 're using new Reddit on an old browser was surprised how little there! Not for the karma but so that other people can find this 16 2010! Tv topics that fans want – Original Air Date Nearly have an Illegitimate Daughter more Buying Choices $ (. Surprised to see how few he has been listening to a conservative radio show... Forced help of Milhouse and renounced his grudge Main character Bob does n't quite... Of the keyboard shortcuts Homer on the Fox network in the ranks as a whole to the character,! Finer things in life, including upcoming races, previous results and statistics... One-Liners, Yet another Grampa story, and this was no exception actually Bart... Character, Bob seems to have actually found redemption Cape Fear, which has led to a conservative radio show. More but I think this is right Bob the Simpsons ( TV 1989... Fully received 's most Commonly Commited Crime so that other people can find this as it based... Main character is less of the episodes of the Simpsons Wrong he 's even come to of... “ Great Louse Detective ” isn ’ t include those episodes because they aren ’ sideshow bob episodes like the Telltale ''! The second appearance of the Simpsons ' seventh season a happy medium sixteenth season episode opens with the forced of.

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