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August 31, 2019

(888) 806-3461. We had to purchase second unit and it has been nothing but headaches. No one knows anything. The company is the direct successor to American Standard Companies and a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand. Trane Headquarters Website: This is the biggest piece of crap that I have ever purchased and would not recommend Trane to anyone. Trane Headquarters Phone Number: 1-704-655-4000 Note that we’ve provided you with the address for their North American headquarters in the first section. Definitely would not recommend. Trane Technologies is a diverse and inclusive environment. Trane’s phone … I have had nothing but trouble with the unit since it was put in. We were sold a defective product. I was told that rotting within 6 years from sunlight was from an act of GOD, by their costumer service. Filter locations by country. As all the comments I read the products stink along with the corporate office. Company profile page for Trane US Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information ... NJ 08854 United States. I never wanted another Trane but the company insisted I was buying the BEST. Rather pay attorneys to keep customer from getting justice or satisifaction to take care of problems.I wolud never deal with Trane again OR refere them to my worst enemy ! As I write this, the techs are replacing the circuit board. Trane failed to honor extended warranty to replace for free. The unit gave more trouble e than it is worth. You will find information on how to interact with Trane via their website or social media platforms in the section below. In my opinon they need to go out of business for not backing the unit. We wouldn't settle for any other brand :-), I have had my new TRANE system for two years and within the past 8 months, an 8KW heater has failed and now the Evaporator Coil has a leak...and during this time period I have had the proper scheduled maintenance.I contacted TRANE customer service, sent them all documentation for maintenance and failures...they responded with "sorry",,,,,this is a $7000 install that is going bad piece by piece and customer service just brushed me off totally after making believe they would look into it following my sending of the proper documentation..did not happen! United States. Overall rating. Temps raising a the rate of 3 degrees in hour til sunset. All Trane Technologies Locations. Trane Technologies Company LLC is located in Davidson, NC, United States and is part of the HVAC Equipment Manufacturing Industry. Contact Details of the Largest Retail Stores, Restaurants, and Internet Companies. Davidson, NC. It has been very frustrating dealing with this company. REALLY. Neither found any problem. Well it has a coolant leak AGAIN !! United States. CUSTOMER NO SERVICE. Trane Headquarters Information Trane manufactures systems for residences and businesses that provide heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. 800-E Beaty Street Every year we had to add two to three pounds of Freon to the unit. I switched companies and had both check into the Odor and Irritating smell I was having with this New Unit. Trane U.S. Inc. Overview. Trane truly is the worst company to deal with. You can call Trane at (732) 652-7100 phone number, fill out a contact form on their website, or write a letter to Trane Technologies Company, LLC, 800 Beaty Street, Building E, Davidson, North Carolina, 28036, United States. What a crap. There are 912 companies in the Trane Technologies Company LLC corporate family. Need to reach one of our parts stores? Trane products are available in more than 100 countries. United States / Canada Search (zip code is U.S. only) They had to replace the entire interior, and left the exterior unit (with old serial number on it). Have an issue and need to request service? What a joke. afraid to look forward to all the upcoming service problems. Unit 100, Airside Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin. STOP cheap plastic fan blade cover from being installed on their units, METAL COVERS ONLY......HELP!!!!!!!!! I am thoroughly disgusted with this shallow and disrespectful treatment of a customer and would like to find someone within TRANE that cares that their TRANE has been stopped twice at my house within 8 months!Thanking you in advance, George H. Nott[email protected]. installed Trane AC unit in 2003. in 2011 it broke, (in August with 90+ degree temps almost every day) and it took them over a month to get the parts (under warranty). KATLYNE WOULD NOT HELP WITH ANYTHING, SHE QUICKLY ADVISED ME TO CALL ANOTHER COMPANY TO GET A SIMPLE WIRING DIAGRAM. It is headquartered near Dublin, Ireland. Techs have been out 3 times each year since then! Trane is very good at evading any responsibility for very poor product quality. This a/c is a roof package unit. I was told this from customer service rep.. HOW STUPID CAN THEY BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trane does not honor warranty. The company is a subsidiary of Trane Technologies and is the successor company to the American Standard Companies. After the air turned off and the air lingered, I feel I can smell some of the odor again. Never had a Trane system in which any of these components had to be replaced, let alone all three major components at the same time!Trane obviously is building the cheapest product they can, not responding to any customer service complaints or even investigating the product they are making and receiving numerous complaints about. Trane Technologies, with its corporate office in Davidson, has slimmed down to 36,000 workers worldwide from about 50,000 two months ago. It makes products under the Trane and American Standard brand names. Unit WILL NOT cool down to what it is set on!! All around the world, there is a Trane sales office to serve you. United States. Everyone knows plastic dry rots in sunlight, dark colors even more. You can contact Trane’s customer support department directly by dialing 1-800-945-5884. , Fort Wayne, Indiana 46818. I agree, just found out yesterday. Dublin (HQ) Ireland. Find out … You can use one or more of the means we’ve listed for you below to get in touch with their team. Furthermore it should be designed to last the lifetime of this protect, 20 years plus. Obviously they don't care that the Trane name is being destroyed as well as the company, by the very people managing it..And the CEO's & people in positions of authority keep themselves well insulated from the customers that are buying their product & paying for their huge salaries & bonuses. I will look to Lennox air or Carrier as my next purchase. 1-732-652-7100 today. I have a load of wood coming this afternoon. The company has 15 principals on record. Listen I've been jacked around for two days trying to get a simple answer on a service issue. RIGHT :-(. Trane is one of the best brands on the market today. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Trane. I will know later this evening if the smell persist. For over a century, Trane has seen more than the building. Trane U.S. Inc. filed as a Foreign Business Corporation in the State of New York on Monday, January 9, 1939 and is approximately eighty-one years old, as recorded in documents filed with New York Department of State.A corporate filing is called a foreign filing when an existing corporate entity files in a state other than the state they originally filed in. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The dealer was as sorry as could be in my opinion. From Garage to Apple Park: The Changing Headquarters of Apple, Follett Bookstore Headquarters Information, Costco Headquarters and Costco Corporate Office Information. We found out the heat pump wasn't working properly then the compressor had to be replaced then a coil was replaced and now we have to have the heat pump replaced 10/08/14. Main Phone: (800) 849-1915. STOCKHOLDERS BEWARE!!! Trane Contact Page: and quality control NOW!!!!!!!!!!! (888) 806-3461. View Office Details. I am totally disabled and have to have the air due of my health. The customer service is worst. Trane Facebook Page: Trane Technologies plc is an American Irish-domiciled diversified industrial manufacturing company formed in 1905 by the merger of Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Company and Rand Drill Company. The company’s contact page contains several sections that may be helpful to you. At Trane Supply, we provide HVAC service professionals with solutions with a network of more than 360 locations throughout the United States and Canada. You can't stop a trane! Do not offer any personal information in your comments. I think this spring I going to tear this junk out and put it on my truck and take to trane corporate office in NJ and dump it in the CEO's parking space. trane told us to get lost. Company profile page for Trane International Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information ... NC 28036 United States. It was serviced every year. John Bruton, Former EU Commission Head of Delegation to the United States and Former Prime Minister of Ireland. Then we had to put die in the system. Contact Email Phone Number (201)779-2568 TraneAi is a technology firm that has created the first platform of its kind to accelerate the artificial intelligence-training process through a decentralized ecosystem built on the blockchain. Dallah Trane Manufacturing (DTM) | 801 followers on LinkedIn. Trane is the favorite brand of our installers. Trane manufactures systems for residences and businesses that provide heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. The company's principal address is 800-E Beaty St, Davidson, NC 28036 and its mailing address is 800-E Beaty St, Davidson, NC 28036. Was also told to just take it off and run the unit without the safety cover and it will run fine. We purchased ours 10/11/13 and have had problems right from the start. Trane's global headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland, with a North American headquarters located in Davidson, North Carolina. We are an equal opportunity employer and are dedicated to hiring qualified protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Trouble is I can't get mine started! Nike Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address: One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-503-671-6453 C... Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Tim Hortons Corporate Office Headquarters, Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Straight Talk Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters HQ. My Trane heat pump and air handler installed new at full price in 2009 in nothing but junk, requiring three repairs since then, including an evaporator coil that never should have been sold to us because it was copper, making it incompatible with the new EPA refrigerant standard. Trane’s headquarters are in 800 Beaty St Ste E Davidson, Davidson, North Carolina, 28036, United States What is Trane’s phone number? You ask a question and they transfer you to ten different people and you still don't get the answer. Trane Technologies plc markets and sells its products under the American Standard, Nexia, Thermo King, and Trane brands through sales offices, distributors, and dealers in the United States; and through sales and service companies with a supporting chain of distributors worldwide. And Trane techs are not worth a crap either!!!! Filter locations by country. Today is Sunday, 12/4/16 and I needed to turn on the A/C as it was getting warmer today. HAVE Y'ALL BEEN YANKIN? A global company, Trane's international headquarters are in Swords, … Required fields are marked *. Trane is headquartered in Lenexa, KS and has 8 office locations across 1 country. I bought a complete Trane unit for my home on June 25 2010. The Unit was serviced faithfully every 6 months (since NEW) by the same Heating & A/C tech from J&D Htg & Cooling (the same Company that Installed it during Construction), and in the passed month the Motor, Motor Module, & Compressor all went bad at the exact same moment!Trane claims the component are out of Warranty and will do NOTHING to rectify this equipment failure.When the unit was only 2 years old the Condenser Coil had to be replaced. You can find out more about its executives in the section below. The Dallah Trane Manufacturing Plant is a joint venture between Dallah Trading and Trane. This cover should be made of metal to protect peoples safety. If you want to visit the Trane headquarters website, interact with company employees on social media, or send comments, questions, and complaints to Trane via phone, email, or social media profiles, use our guide. Not only did I wait on the phone for half hou rat a time but then they can't answer the question and put you on hold to transfer your call. Trane Technologies Inc. is a manufacturer of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems and building management systems and controls. ... Access the headquarters listing for Trane here. I bough my Trane Unit almost 30 years ago and still running perfectly, I was blessed with such a good unit, recently i've got it inspected and the AC guy says that the unit is running good he said that nothing is required at this point, just was so happy and wanted to share my thought here....Albert Marquez From Dallas Tx. Trane Headquarters Address: Ingersoll Rand Our community is ready to answer. PHONE. See other locations. Your email address will not be published. I work at a school district that have over a dozen intelepack units. It has been the worst company ever. We are considering having the whole thing removed and go with a different brand altogether. The company is a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand and is the successor company to the American Standard Companies. Parts are under warranty, but service & labor charges $500.00 Not blaming the heating & cooling company. 6602 Innovation Blvd. Davidson, NC 28036, USA less than 11 months A/C Freon leaked and had to fill in 2 lbs. Kirk E. Arnold, Former Chief Executive Officer, Data Intensity. Company Description. !I will instruct my broker to sell any TRANE stock I have as soon as I'm finished typing this complaint.Based solely on how this customer complaint was "handled," and what I've experienced in this situation with the TRANE equipment as well as the TRANE customer service representative,I will see to it that NONE of my commercial applications nor any of my homes ever have a TRANE product installed ever again.........If any one at TRANE with any level of Authority reads this and gives a damn feel free to contact me.

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