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This same pattern would be followed for the daughte… One Flemish Jacobs line began with Jan Jacobs, born in Puurs near Dutch family names were not required until 1811 when emperor Napoleon annexed the Netherlands; [1] prior to 1811, the use of patronymics was much more common.. Needless to say they are now talking about changing the name. My research indicates my Hyatt people lived in Delaware near many confirmed Netherland folks, So, I’m very curious as to whether they were truly Dutch, and if so, what part of the Netherlands they may have come from circa 1700 onward. De Jong (86,534 in 2007) De Jong in 2007. All posted articles and comments are copyright by their owner, and reflect their own views and opinions, which may not necessarily be consistent with the views and opinions of the owners of the Only the queen can approve a name change and there must be compelling circumstances for her to do so. Prior to the adoption of surnames, many people used patronymic names for identification. Name adoption registers (naamsaanneming registers) were created to record the family names that were adopted. Submitted by Rowan (not verified) on Thu, 2011/01/27 - 12:54. 1. So, what’s the story with Dutch surnames? merry xmas & happy new year. After the introduction of Christianity in the Netherlands, and perhaps still earlier, a foreign class of names grew up by the side of the native Dutch names. Verhoeven. Often many surnames are a single syllable, such as Dam, or Bos. They started having a census for the purpose of taxation, and forced everyone to have a family name, which was not a common practice for the Dutch. On this site you can type your surname into the database and retrieve information about the number of occurrences the surname appeared in the country, with a breakdown by province, in 1947. An interesting website is the Database of Surnames in the Netherlands, made available by the Meertens Institute. * Van Lul (“from the dick”) - yep, we’re all from there. Prior to the introduction of surnames, the Dutch used a system of patronymics - the surname of the child reflected the first name of the father - similar to the system used in the Scandinavian countri… The Norman feudal system provided one reason for this need for surnames: so too did the development of subsidy rolls at parishes around the country. Daughter in Dutch is dochter and in Old Dutch it is doghter which can be abbreviated to d, dr, s, se, sen, sens, and x. Baan (surname) Baanders; Baars; Baas; Backer; Baert; Bakker; Bal (surname) Barend (surname) Barendregt; Barends; Bartels; Bartholomeusz; Baten; Bauwens; Beckers; Beeckman; Beekman; Beethoven; Beethoven (disambiguation) Bekker; Bentinck family; Berendsen (surname) Berens (surname) Bergkamp; Berkel (disambiguation) Berkhoff (surname) Berkhout (surname) Bettens … To carry out genealogical research of your Dutch ancestors in the Netherlands, you will need to know some of the Dutch language. Then I had dumb arse Dutch people making fun of my name. Metonymic surname for a sailor, meaning "anchor" in Dutch, Danish and Norwegian. Patronymics were common until English rule began in 1687 and despite new guidelines on surnames being introduced, were largely retained until the Napoleonic period when everyone had to register a family name. The mother is always named in a birth record; however, if the woman is unmarried the father is not always stated. They are usually identified by the endings to a patronymic or surname. Often problems involve the men you are searching, unlike North American research where women create roadblocks. Van der Beek is a Dutch and Belgian surname meaning “from the brook” or “from the creek”, originating as a locational name for someone who lived near a brook or stream. For those unfamiliar with the Dutch language, you will need to become familiar with Dutch genealogical terms. More than 5% of the people in the Netherlands had one of these ten last names. One of my favorites is Niemantsverdriet. Surnames were not to be formerly required until 1811. Last Name: from birth for life. When Dutch names are shortened to be used in everyday life they can cause some confusion when you see a person’s full given name. Napoleon wanted to set up population registers for tax purposes and to know where the young boys lived who could be drafted into his armies. A History of Surnames. This in contrast to countries like Australia where immigrant with impossible names (names like Peereboom, pronounced piribum and meaning "pear tree") can change their name quite easily. :-))), Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 2013/08/29 - 08:25. English Surnames. Below is a list of some names and with their short names. Believing this measure to be temporary, many Dutch people gave surnames that translated to hilarious or obscene phrases and words. There were also some names that are not demeaning, rather aggrandazing, Perhaps a similar thing happened in Algeria after the 1830 invasion by France, where lots of names are demeaning attributes. Generally the first born son was named after the father’s father, the second son after the mother’s father, and the third son would be named after the father. It was often the case that when a Dutch immigrant came to the United States, or other non-Dutch speaking countries, these prefixes would become lumped into the surname. Some examples are: I can imagine the Dutch standing in line to register and having a few laughs at the expense of the French officials, only to have the name stick to them and their descendants for centuries. In Belgian Dutch, a broek (often also written as brouk or brouck) was a swamp. Top Surnames von Amsberg , von Cramm , zur Lippe-Biesterfeld , van Oranje-Nassau and 16 others , Bernitt , Rahlenbeck , von Passow , Gans zu Putlitz , Wettin, Ernestiner , von dem Bussche-Haddenhausen , von dem Bussche , von Schwarzburg- Rudolstadt , Mecklenburg , von Mecklenburg , von Sierstorpff-Driburg , von Koppelow , von Griesheim , Hohenzollern , Askanier and von Platen Hallermund « less And he couldn't do that without a fixed name. Be sure to check the FamilySearch website to find the closest one to you. Surname Meanings and Origins. A number of records can be viewed on microfilm at the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City and some family history centers. Van den Berg is the most commonly used spelling of this Dutch surname, a toponymic surname meaning "from the mountain." In Dutch the word for son is zoon; in Old Dutch, it is soen, zoen or soon, which can be abbreviated to sz, z, se, sen and x. It is suggested you keep a good Dutch-English dictionary handy whether you are searching documents, surfing the Internet or translating your information. In the province of Utrecht, surnames are often derived from geographic origin. In 1811, the French under Napoleon occupied the Netherlands. As far as i understand it has to do with a position or job. Dutch Surnames . De Groot (The Great, The Large One) Den Beste (The Best) Similarly, some were just attributes. Names like Terpstra and Veldink (meaning “from the field” and “from the hill,” respectively) are examples of this type of naming. When this occurs, it is always written: married name first, hyphen, and then maiden name; e.g. There are several that come to mind: * Naaktgeboren (“born naked”) - Weren't we all? The journey for wisdom starts with knowledge, Submitted by Khalid on Sat, 2006/07/29 - 09:49. My surname is DeGraff->Dijkgraaf. Find out how surnames are ranked in popularity, how many people in the United States of America bear a particular name, and how the statistics change between 1990 and 2000 US Censuses. The ten most popular surnames in the Netherlands in 2007 were De Jong, Jansen, De Vries, Van den Berg, Van Dijk, Bakker, Janssen, Visser, Smit and Meijer. Find out the origins of your last name, search for the surnames in your family tree, or learn how surnames have developed and changed over time. VAN DEN BERG (van de Berg, van der Berg) 58,562 people in 2007; 37,727 in 1947. Funny Dutch names and the story behind them, low cost controller based on the STM32 Blue Pill, Microcontrollers and the Internet of Things, Islamic Astronomy and its Legacy in Arabic Origin Of Modern Star Names, Medieval Islamic Astronomy And Its Influence on Renaissance Europe, Forgotten History: Al-Sufi's Book Of Fixed Stars, Replacing a laptop disk on Linux and making hibernate work, Flashing Android OmniROM on Acer Iconia A500 Tablet, Software Freedom Day, Kitchener: Making a Living with Free/Libre Open Source Software, Sept 20, 2014, What is OpenWRT, how to install it, and how it is useful for bandwidth monitoring, Drupal Performance: What you need to know, Panel: Earning a living from Free/Libre Open Source Softare (FLOSS), HUGE? Johan Donderwinkel. Surname Database . Unlike Belgium and France where people are obliged to carry ID (passport) with them all the time. There were also some names that are not demeaning, rather aggrandazing. Flemish and Huguenot (French Walloon) surnames are common to Zeeland. We can be contacted at Zondervan (without a surname) I can imagine the Dutch standing in line to register and having a few laughs at the expense of the French officials, only to have the name stick to them and their descendants for centuries. Do you have Dutch surnames in your family tree, or is your own surname of Dutch origin? In North Holland's southern region, surnames are similar to those from South Holland and Utrecht. the English in adopting surnames. A bonus to those who have Dutch ancestors is, women are always identified in documents with their maiden name. When the mother married later, the child would be acknowledged by her husband and a marginal note was made in the marriage register. We welcome updates and additions to this Wiki page. The original content was at Category:Surnames of Dutch origin. All but the latter denote a place of origin or residence, and the latter an occupation or attribute. These changes were allowed when a prefix or suffix was added to the original surname. De Jong literally means … Dutch names: history, meaning and origin ; In any team you meet a person with unusual, strange or very funny name. ‘Hoeve’ means ‘farm’ and thus the name was given to a person who lived on a farm. Surnames found in Amsterdam originate from a number of areas, mainly Friesland, Germany and Flanders. Originally denoted a person from Anholt in the Netherlands, which means "hold, rest" in Dutch (a place where people could rest for the night). You can order kits for building your own, as well as a Smart Hand Controller. This page uses content from the English language Wikipedia. This Dutch surname means ‘from the mill.’ 140. Even so, the Dutch did bring Dutch surnames like Jacobs into what were to become English-speaking areas. Akke de Groot-Horjus – “de Groot” being the married name and “Horjus” being the maiden name. Why – will learn from this article. Ververs. This is actually more likely to be a Belgian surname (in origin) than a Dutch. Ⓒ 2020 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. These population registers are still there. The word ‘Verver’ refers to a ‘dyer’ or a ‘painter.’ Hence, this is an occupational surname. Surname scroll for: Dutch. The site also provides a printable map with the search results. It is also suggested you start your own list of often used Dutch words for a quick and easy reference. As a rule, its origin depends on the specific traditions of the country where was born the owner. This Dutch surname means ‘from the tree.’ 138. It turns out that this is a story worth telling, possibly repeated in Algeria, with the French playing a part in both. Make sure you know where the closest FSC is to your home; you will visit the center often to do your research. By chance has any one ever noted such surname in early Dutch records? (High Middle Ages until the Early Modern era) 139. As an example, Van der Hof would become Vanderhof in an English … VISIT OUR HOME PAGE - This website requires a paid subscription for full access. Other children could be named after deceased family members, such as siblings of the father and mother or even a deceased wife of the husband who remarried. It's a farm called after the family who lives there. Several years ago, a Dutch friend told me that some Dutch have funny names. If her grandfather or father was alive at the time, she would be listed under their entry. Also, didn't the Dutch refuse to use surnames until Napolean made them register, and that's where we get some of the names from? Ten years later, in 1966, legislation was passed allowing individuals with common surnames, such as Smit or Jansen, to make a name change. Most people identified themselves using patronymics - a reference to the first name of their father - as a second name. Generally the first born son was named after the father’s father, the second son after the mother’s father, and the third son would be named after the father. Examples of patronymic names are: Jansen (son of Jan), Everts (son of Evert) or Evertse (daughter of Evert). (Migration Period and before until the High Middle Ages) The high Middle Ages, when Germanic-based personal names were losing ground to non-native holy names. Pages in category "Dutch surnames" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 515 total. And, in the larger cities of South Holland, surnames are the Dutch version of French and German surnames. They vary from one municipality to the next and were seldom indexed. In the Netherlands, women rarely lose their last name during their lifetime. Submitted by Flloppy22 (not verified) on Thu, 2008/12/25 - 12:19. I think i know this Mr Gekkehuis, he has a nickname, sinfull I believe. Everyone was required to adopt a surname and those who did not comply were fined. An ideal gift. There are a number of resources that can be obtained from FamilySearch through your local FamilySearch Center (FSC). I must admit, together with the quite common Dutch first name, Joke, it is funny indeed. 2.4 million page views/day, 60 million per month, one server, Linux Tools for Monitoring and Peformance, Open Source for Fun and Profit: Making a career out of FOSS, al-Hakim bi Amr Allah: Fatimid Caliph of Egypt الحاكم بأمر الله, Articles on the history of Muslims and Arabs in the Iberian Peninsula تاريخ المسلمين و العرب في الأند, DIY GOTO Telescope Controller With Autoguiding and Periodic Error Correction, E.G.C. Submitted by Berchy (not verified) on Tue, 2019/12/10 - 10:44, Marcel Dodeman. I've noticed Dutch surnames revolve around patronymics and place names, also professions. Many Dutch names are of the form: You will find databases on the Internet that will provide you with the details needed to obtain the documents directly from the archives in the Netherlands or through the FamilySearch. From about 1812 through 1826, the Dutch were first required to choose surnames. Most registers provide the name and age of the registrant and that of his living children and grand-children. Dutch Last Names When Napoleon and the French occupied the Netherlands, they required the Dutch to create surnames for taxation and census purposes. Guess what it's called: Kots (which is dutch for vomit). Today, the naming patterns are not followed as much as it traditionally was in past centuries. Silly buggers, Submitted by Jay (not verified) on Sat, 2007/05/26 - 11:24. For an in-depth explanation and history of Dutch given names, surnames, and patronymics, see the handout The Origin of Names and Their Effect on Genealogical Research in the Netherlands. Often a marginal note was made in the child’s birth registration as well. Surnames from the Netherlands . Many of these microfilms are being digitized and are available to be searched on the FamilySearch website. At this time many families were still operating a patronymic system. Though many Dutch names have a significant origin, others translate to rather hilarious terms. Resources, Submitted by Johan (not verified) on Sun, 2006/07/30 - 10:47. Other than this time period, surname changes made in the Netherlands were and are rare. It was ordered by Napoleon who occupied the country at that time and was trying to take a census. Pages in category "French surnames from Dutch" The following 8 pages are in this category, out of 8 total. Joke van den Broek....meaning "joke from the pants"???? Interestingly, a wife was not usually listed with her husband in the name adoption registers. "Crazy House" but more accurately "loony bin"). This event is called the \"naamsaanneming\". These surnames would later come in handy for legal purposes such as inheritance. Adopted children have only been allowed to change their surname since 1956. Many of the provinces in the Netherlands have surnames common to their area only. History of Dutch given names. The Dutch thought this would be a temporary measure, and took on comical or offensive sounding names as a practical joke on their French occupiers. I was threatened with a fine once in Malaysia because I had forgotten to register with the embassy. The amount of information extracted from these records alone is astounding. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. If you are lucky, the full date and place of birth was recorded. A low cost controller based on the STM32 Blue Pill was created by myself. I am Australian Dutch and without, any disrespect to the Netherlands but honestly, the names in this country are wacky and weird. These are generally patterned after a person’s father’s name with “son” added to the end. Discover the ethnic origin and meaning of last names. English Girls College in Alexandria, Egypt, Egyptian Cuisine, Food and Recipes مأكولات مصرية. The Dutch often named their children after family members from both the father’s and mother’s families. Prior to 1814, the documents may be written in Dutch, French or Latin, depending on the time period and the type of record that you are looking at. Wrong! (previous page) () What's in a name? The details on the site were extracted from the 1947 census. Enjoy this name printed onto our colourful scroll, printed in Olde English script. George Saliba: Seeking the Origins of Modern Science? Records in the Netherlands often have a great deal of information. There are errors and you will find them more often the further back in time you search. There are several ways to access copies of Dutch documents from afar. There are still a lot of places and streets with "broek" or any spelling variant in the name. Records can also be requested by postal mail or via email directly from the archive or repository in the Netherlands. At this time the child’s surname would change to the husband’s surname. Surname History. Home; About; List of Surnames; Tag: Dutch. I knew a family whose name was Pooijer ( Pimp). Web site developed by It means "No Man's Trouble". Dutch surnames in the 17th century Surnames, in the meaning of family names, were relatively uncommon in the United Provinces (Holland) in the sixteenth and early seventeenth century. Dutch surnames based on locations usually include prefixes like de (the), van (from), van de, van der, van den (from the), or te, ter, ten (on). 3.4 million page views per day, 92 million per month, one server, and Drupal! Each time a Dutchman or woman moves to another town they have to check in and check out. So, let's go buy a pancake ^_^, Submitted by Sid (not verified) on Sun, 2017/01/22 - 12:19. If a name … OnStep is a full featured telescope controller. To learn more about this course or other courses available from the Institute, see our website. Appreciate any suggestions for discovering the truth of their origination. When Napoleon and the French occupied the Netherlands, they required the Dutch to create surnames for taxation and census purposes. van ("of/from"), de/het/'t ("the"), der ("of the"), van de ("of the/from the"), and in het ("in the") or simply de ("the"). There is a lot of resistance against that mainly due to the above reason. This same pattern would be followed for the daughters; first daughter named after the mother’s mother, second after the father’s mother and the third after the mother. Top 10 most common Dutch surnames. How to deal with 381 modules, 174GB database and 200 million row tables, Web Site Performance Optimization and Scalability. Vermeulen. It seems that they first began to be used in England around 1250, possibly as a need to identify individuals beyond their immediate family and locality. The history of Dutch given names can roughly be divided in four main periods: The domination of Germanic names. During the middle ages these foreign names increased so rapidly that they soon outnumbered the native names, except in the province of Friesland in the Netherlands, and in the province of the same name in Germany, and along the Danish borders. This will ultimately give you the ability to navigate through the records. This site is available in Dutch and English. The name adoption registers were maintained by each municipality and did not follow a particular format. You can use our content under the Terms of Use. All rights reserved. The records from about 1814 to present are all written in Dutch. As with this Familypedia wiki, the content of Wikipedia is available under the Creative Commons License. Often widows were listed with their children and grandchildren. Van der Beek. On June 3, 2010: London (Ontario) Drupal Users Group. Unfortunately, not all registers have survived. Many municipalities included the registrant’s address. Be sure to check the databases often, as they are being updated with new information quite frequently. All the Germans had to do was look in the register and they knew where everybody lived. When it comes to surnames, often a lot of meaning and history. 05. The Dutch often named their children after family members from both the father’s and mother’s families. The surname Niemand is quite common in South Africa, meaning "Nobody". A service provided by, The National Institute for Genealogical Studies, Research: Dutch Ancestors in the Netherlands,, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Sometimes you will see a women identified with both her married name and maiden name. This page was last edited on 8 April 2019, at 21:12. On 18 August 1811, Napoleon issued a decree, based on French law, regarding adoption of surnames. As might be expected, many have shortened it to Nieman, Niemans, or Niemants because, of course, it is far too much trouble. This page has been viewed 12,111 times (332 via redirect). With geographical names, they often have endings that indicate the area of The Netherlands where a person lived. The foreign names in the Netherlands, however, developed peculiar Dutch forms, so as to be hardly recogniz… There are special circumstances for the last name to change. Many common names include: van Doorn, van Schaik, van Vliet, and van den Brink. ANKER Dutch, Danish, Norwegian. I think you can guess the name of the funeral home: "Butcher Funeral Home". Find the meaning, history and origin of surnames, also called last names or family names, as well as famous bearers and usage statistics. Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 2010/11/29 - 15:20, I live in Holland, and there's this pancake restaurant. Van is a Dutch word meaning “from”, der (there), and beke (brook). For example, Dutch surnames are considered to be one of the funniest in the world. Dutch Surname Prefixes. Changing one of these idiotic surnames is almost impossible in Holland. To date there is no national identity card in Holland. One of the main functions of resistance forces during the Second World War was to blow up population registers, for obvious reasons. 16 August 2013 by Yvette Hoitink 45 Comments. In some cases, identification to an area comes from the prefix or the name reflects a geographical name or physical description. There are many Dutch citizens volunteering their time to make genealogical information available through the Internet. As a result, many Dutch surnames are based on patronymics which had the endings '-se', '-sen', … This was the last name of a coworker when I lived in Holland. Searching for Dutch ancestors can be exciting! These registers often assist you in your research when moving from the civil registration period to the church registers. Submitted by James (not verified) on Sat, 2008/06/14 - 03:15. Last names have not been around forever. For example, a marriage in the Netherlands, depending on the time period, produced up to as many as six documents! This Database of Surnames in the Netherlands presents the 300,000 surnames of all … Posted on January 16, 2020. For a good explanation of Dutch names and naming patterns, see the Wikipedia article, Dutch Name. The defining moment came on 18 August 1811 when Napoleon Boneparte — whose French army were occupying the Netherlands — signed a decree establishing a registry of births, deaths and marriages. My favorite is "Gekkehuis" (lit. As you do your Dutch genealogical research, you may think there are no errors or problems in the records. © Copyright 1999-2021 You may find a child born out of wedlock who would initially have its mother’s surname. This name means ‘from the farm’ in Dutch. For additional information see:The Netherlands, ____________________________________________________________, Information in this Wiki page is excerpted from the online course Research: Dutch Ancestors in the Netherlands offered by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies. Mistaken for an Arab or Muslim: Absurdities of being a victim in the War on Terror, Mistaken Identity: How some people confuse my site for others, One People's Terrorist Is Another People's Freedom Fighter, Resources for using Google Adsense with Drupal, Rockwood Conservation Area, Southern Ontario, Updates and Thoughts on the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, Maltese are descended from arab and other european christians. great site, i'd like to thamk-you for the info, it will come in handy!. ANHOLTS Dutch.

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