fox spirit matchmaker season 9 episode 1

August 31, 2019

Ongoing Sub. Alt titles: Enmusubi no Youko-chan, Fox Spirit Matchmaker overview; recommendations; videos; characters; staff; reviews; custom lists; Go to anime. Episode 16 of Season 7 of Fox Spirit Matchmaker will be released on 07 June 2019. Meanwhile, Wang Fugui, Bai Yuechu, and Huandu Luolan begin bragging about how their Spirit Arts are invincible after defeating the infected Quan Clan disciple. Luolan made her wish for a few days near Pingqiu's body but he was not awake. He wanted to help Susu to achieve her dream that became the best fox spirit matchmaker, but he thought he couldn't help her. But he just knew Xia didn't came to meet him on that day and he was dead under the bridge. Yan liked to find girls but he don't know why he was appealed deeply. When Huaizhu knew the event, she asked Qinlan to run away and never came back to meet her. Honghong started the love continuation, making a wish that they meet each other in the next life. Legend of Nine Nights Legend of Nine Nights. Wang Fugui then avoids being hit by tunneling underground. Playing next. The Shadow Fox Queen then uses the strange Golden power she seems to have gotten from one of Yang Mie's former lives memories, to absorb the other Shadow Fox and explains that she cannot allow the minor Shadow Fox to live since then She would realize she was acting independently. He was determined to change himself. However, Bai was controlled by Ehuishou and he would fight Yaya with his tears. Stream subbed and dubbed episodes of Huyao Xiao Hongniang online - legal and free, due to our partnerships with the industry. 2020 June 19 (start) 2020 August 21 (end) Fox Spirit Matchmaker Episode 4. Fan inherits the throne of Xixiyu in the end. Sanshao taught him how to use Xukong Zhilei and found that he could control it well. 12:49. Grandpa Wang returns her taunts by pointing out that she must be stalling for a better opprotuntiy since they seem to be at a standstill. The Shadow Fox inside Mie answers him explaining that it is no mere Shadow Fox, but a Queen and that getting them to start the Love Pledge ritual was all part of her plan. When Pingqiu ran on his way, he saved a girl, Huandu Luolan, the Princess of Nanguo. Bai Yuechu then strikes out with Pure Yang Flame and the Queen begins laughing at his foolishness as her power suddenly begins to increase. everyone thought she died except Fugui' grandfather. The emperor knew that Luolan made friends with the black fox spirits and she had already prepared to use her life to bring Pingqiu back. Fox Spirit Matchmaker released a video to celebrate their 5th anniversary of anime broadcast entitled “Nian Nian” featuring the couples from season 1 to season 7. Fan and his secretary Yueying Licheng(月映丽城) wanted Bai Yuechu and Tushan Susu could help them achieve love continuation in this life. Madame Quan sends her troops off to round up the escaped Beyond the Circle creatures that are now trapped in the array. Browse more videos. Yan was Tushan Rongrong's only one student. The little Taoist told her his thoughts and died soon. His father Wangquan Baye(王权霸业), who was the host of the family, asked him to kill any spirits and could not get out of mansion. They are Xiasha Chapter(下沙篇), Wangquan Chapter(王权篇), Yuehong Chapter(月红篇), Beishan Yaodi Chapter(北山妖帝篇), Qianyan Chapter(千颜篇), Nanguo Chapter(南国篇), Zhuye Chapter(竹业篇), Weisheng Chapter(尾生篇), Jinchenxi Chapter(金晨曦篇) and Mutiancheng Chapter(沐天城篇). Episode: 28–48 (including Beishan Yaodi Chapter), OP: If We Meet in Next Life (Chinese: 若当来世, pinyin: Ruòdāng Láishì), ED: Bell and Boat (Chinese: 铃舟, pinyin: Língzhōu) Way You Walk (Chinese: 君路, pinyin: Jūnlù, in Beishan Yaodi Chapter). Episode 24. She was in a coma for a while. With the help of them, Hu remembered something about his preexistence. The TV series will be presented by Wangquan chapter and Yuehong chapter. Fugui shows Yuechu a hair dryer as an allegory to teach him about arcane tools / weapons. The Creature is then destroyed in a burst of golden light from the Wangquan Spirit Blade. ED: Never Disconnect (Chinese: 未断, pinyin: Wèiduàn), The official said this chapter would explain and show the story between Cuiyu Minluan and Mu Mie,[14] and it will be broadcast on December 11. Because all the Masks' are connected and subservient to the Main Mask, if the Main one is corrupted or taken over it can effect all the linked Masks. Rongrong asked Pingqiu some details about him and she helped them solve the uprising. OP: Sentient Beings (Chinese: 众生, pinyin: Zhòngshēng). Plot In a world where both humans and demons co-exist, humans can fall in love … That was a rainy day, Weisheng waited for Xia a long time. She gave him a task to catch the black fox spirit which stayed in Cuiyu Minluan(翠云鸣鸾)'s body, who is the younger sister of the best spirit doctor, Cuiyu Ling(翠玉灵). In modern time, Luolan gave Bai Yuechu delicious food for seven days and Bai became a little chicken. He calculated the position where Susu would appear. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Bai Yuechu then hits the creature in the back of the neck knocking him to the ground and asks him if he really is from Beyond the Circle since he is so weak he reminds him of a Bad Luck Beast. Track Fox Spirit Matchmaker season 1 episodes. Acting Director The entire Season 1 of the Chinese Anime Fox Spirit Matchmaker/Huyao Xiao Hongniang (狐妖小红娘) with english subtitles He thought that everyone wanted him to die so that Dongfang Yuechu could be brought back to life. She told him that she had ever wanted to kill Jin to avenge her father but failed, Jin badly hurt her. When they met difficulty, Yan came to help them. The Daoist explain this is why the Quan clan use the Mask system, as the Masks are interlinked and allow a more senior Daoist to help bolster more inexperienced users. He comes back to his senses, and finds himself in front of the sealing charm circle that was keeping Cuiyu imprisoned, however it is no longer functioning and has been unsealed. This chapter mainly tells about the love story about the Fan Yunfei(梵云飞) who is the Prince of Xixiyu(西西域) and Li Xueyang(厉雪扬) whose previous life was called Ice General(冰将军). 12 of 12 episodes seen Overall Rating: 8 Jadecoral (All reviews) 6 people found this review helpful ... months after watching but the 7th season of Fox Spirit Matchmaker does just that. The Daoist they had beaten up before stands up and informs them that their powers now belong to him and red tendrils appear attached to each of them.

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